Norris Podetz​

Norris Podetz was born and raised in Hamilton. He is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and a retired software developer. His passion for art began early in life. His grandfather gave him his first set of oil pants when he was eight years old, and began teaching him to paint.

His home town of Hamilton - with its striking natural setting, intriguing streetscapes and rich history - has provided Norris with inspiration and generous subject material. Scenes which have captured his attention include the trains which were once so popular in Hamilton and the hustle and bustle which surrounded their stations, together with horticulture, natural and historic landscapes, churches, and heritage buildings. He brings historical authenticity as well as artistic sensitivity to his work. Each painting requires hours of research using a combination of books, photographs, videos and archival material.

Norris’ work has been displayed in numerous local exhibitions and appeared in Trackside Modeler and The Ontarian. Recently he provided cover art for Buchanan of Auchmar, published by Attawandaron.